At The Learning Wheel, we understand that reading is the foundation of imagination, lateral thinking and problem-solving. We work with students from the age of 4 to learn the joy of reading and writing. We strongly believe that encouraging fun with learning English from a young age will help your child develop the skills they need to analyse and create imaginative literature in the future.

We work on spelling, reading, writing and comprehension based on their assessment to form a programme that is uniquely tailored to your child. Whether it is critiquing in-depth literature or taking the first and foremost steps to word recognition, we work closely with parents and students to work on gaps and aim towards a common goal. We provide the right tools to break down difficult words and questions to help them become independent learners. We are expertly trained to teach tools for reading, comprehension and wider learning challenges and are proud to have dyslexia teaching specialists that understand the common as well as hard to read difficulties dyslexic children have.